Hello Everyone

CromCrom Posts: 1
I am a returning player and haven't played actively since early 2000's but from 1997 to then I was mostly on Great Lakes and then transfered to Atlantic. Just wanted to say hi to any who remember me. I played as Crom/Akera/Jack the Peasant/Simon and AlchySmith. My brother has been on Atlantic since like 1998, he plays Sir William/Akera and a few others and my father played until he passed, he was mostly on as Bayard. Anyways, maybe some remember and if so just wanted to say it's good to be back. I'm now using the EC and it's a learning curve, but I'm getting it.


  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 173
    edited May 25
    Glad to have you back.  Lots of good groups and guilds on Atlantic.  

    I'm an EC player too, so would be glad to help with any questions.  

    Happy hunting! 

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