UO OSI Twitch Streamers.

Ya'll need to support your OSI streamers on Twitch, if you're not.  They are truly fantastic  for such a low audience.  I know Twitch may seem like a silly thing, but while you're playing just having it running in the background or on a laptop to the side is enjoyable.  I've played way more popular games with popular streamers that are a lot worse than what you all have.

Twitch isn't about just sitting at your computer and watching someone play.  It's an opportunity to have someone playing beside you like the old days of couch co-op.  

There are great ones.  Waffles_McGreggor is calm, intelligent, and polite.  I haven't ever heard him curse, but I'm not sure it's a policy or he just hasn't.  He approaches the game more professionally.  He mainly plays on Atlantic.  He's very interactive with the chat.  He taught me some things as well like the command for boats to fire all cannons on one side.  Flip the boat, then fire the other side.  Things like that made High Seas content far more enjoyable.

Epic Lute Gaming, my personal favorite, is less professional but more interactive and funny.  He's also very good at the game and supportive of the game.  He plays mostly on Sonoma, but also on others sometimes.  He calms me down and makes me laugh at the game instead of being mad at it.

Gladius6_ is an older gentleman with a lot of life experience.  He has a very dedicated way he enjoys UO.  He doesn't always stream the game.  He plays more to the style I see a lot of you doing.  He's an old vet and a kind person.  He used to run a hobby shop I believe, but have only gathered in spurts of details.

These are OSI players.  They all enjoy UO a lot.  They support UO.  If you're playing, and if you have the resources, just tune in and watch them.  You may enjoy having the background noise. 

UO Radio is also maybe a good thing to be more supportive of.  I personally could never get the website to run right, but I've heard great things about their in-game events.

It's good culture for a gaming community as well.  Alright, I'm out to play other games.  Playing just one game for months is boring to me.  I'll be back and I look forward to playing with at least Chesapeake again.
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  • "kittiekitsuneko" is also a UO Twitch streamer -- usually the Great Lakes EM events on Tuesday nights (she's also the Governor of Moonglow on GL).

    I can confirm that UO Radio's events are usually fun and their music usually worth listening to while you play, especially on nights when they have a live DJ.
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    I watch  them every now and then. It IS fun and a couple of them make me twitchy to log in right then!
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