Underwater fix did not go as planned

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As many of you know, pets now "drown" if logged in while at the underwater boss.  The pet dies, and then it sent to the stable as a ghost.  If you log out, and log back in, your pet ghost comes back to you. At this time you can res the pet and use it like normal, no "drowning"


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    edited May 2022
    The whack-a-mole approach here was predicted.

    The real fix should really go as described here:
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    "I have witnessed pets in underwater again and was confused how they got them there, 
    When i read that the ghost of the pet was sent to the stables, i did scratch my head and wonder because you can't claim a dead pet from stables. This makes sense now

    as documented here all non mounted pets should always have to be retrieved from stables when your character fully logs out after timer. 


    not just to address this underwater exploit, but as a generic rule for any future issues, as well as a range of other current issues. Although not specifically stated here, that should really include dead pets too"

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