VVV 2 as Promised and Felucca Events

Please @Mariah do not delete this as we are really trying to have a conversation with the devs, since this is the only way we have to communicate with them.

We are not attacking the devs @Kyronix and @Mesanna on any way, but I honestly think we deserve some sort of explanation.

We were promised at the aniv party that the next publish would be a 2nd version of the VVV as you can see below

We all know that never happened.
Than all of sudden the attention was drifted to New World, something that current pvpers on prodo shard dont really care about. but whatever, VVV version 2 at this point is a no go anymore.

We understand that in the meantime you need to created few new events to keep all the players busy with something but again, why not include the pvpers on that?.  I mean is the same code used in trammel for the fel side right?

I believe you DO understand that the PVP community is huge as well right? so honestly, why ignoring us?


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    I will not delete this. Thank you for the feedback, but this has been brought up in other threads.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,968Moderator
    Please look at that list again, and realise that sometimes what we plan to do and what we end up doing aren't always the same thing,
    High seas sea creature champ spawn - didn't happen
    Update to community collections - didn't happen
    user generated quest system - didn't happen.
    To quote Rabbie Burns
    "The best laid schemes of mice and men Go oft awry."

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