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  • PitrPitr Posts: 163
    "Artio, Goddess of Nature has moved to Destard to defend the Fey"
    (and now we have a spawn there)

    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.
  • ArchangelArchangel Posts: 460
    Another evening, another attempt another fail. sampi killed hundreds of critters, ... 3 drops.

    What was it, reading that everyone had fun on Origin on first night? Did the devs hate the idea that we all enjoyed it for a change? It went from fun, to disgusting, what a master stroke! Maybe miltiboxers can stand this, but normal players are sick. By comparison, I went collecting eggs, had 12 ingots in 30 minutes, so screw destard
  • KazKaz Posts: 128
    Im deeply disappointed in all of this.   I think we all are.  Pvpers and trammies alike are all in the same boat here. 

    Whats even more disappointing is the lack of response to any of the legitimate feedback pieces here.   Not even an acknowledgement of the concerns brought forward. 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,163
    @Kyronix put Destard back the way it began for the weekend please.
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  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741
    you peeps that say its easy to get drops should all move to Fel and set housekeeping up next to my Friend, even with the bobble from the store, I was only able to get 12 drops in a couple hours, I am using a Archer/mage/spell weaver (120/115/120).  There is only one thing I want from this event and that is the shrine.
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,330
    Think the shard must make a big difference.  Last night with about five to seven of us on it was pretty playable even with most of the spawn in one place.  Players teamed up on the big ones and had plenty of targets from the others for every one.  Drop rate wasn’t great but about normal for me.  I got about 10 drops for a little over 2 hours of play.  Don’t play on Atlantic so don’t know what it’s like there. We had about the right rate of spawn for the number of us playing but if there had been 30 or more playing more spawn over a larger area would have been justified. Maybe one size does not fit all.  Liked that I could enter without having to worry about a half dozen paras waiting to kill me at the door.
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    Either improve the drop rate like day 1 or reduce the cost of each reward by at least 50% discount. 
    Reasons that are proven true:
    1) Prevent shard bound items from becoming overpriced and rare
    2) Players pay sub to play game for fun and laughs. It’s not another weekend job.

    Also just give the Pvpers what they want for Fel. This helps to increase supply of shard bound items and reduce the cost. Pure Trammies won’t go there anyway.
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  • KazKaz Posts: 128
    10 drops in 2 hours is the worst drop rate of any of the Treasures events to date.   Sorry to be honest.  
  • Drops are now going for $3 million per. I'm seeing spellbooks for $575 Million. 10 drops in 2 hours adds up to 50 hours of farming to get a spellbook. How are casual players supposed to do this? How is this supposed to enhance the community?
  • Kaz said:
    Im deeply disappointed in all of this.   I think we all are.  Pvpers and trammies alike are all in the same boat here. 

    Whats even more disappointing is the lack of response to any of the legitimate feedback pieces here.   Not even an acknowledgement of the concerns brought forward. 
    Mesanna not communicating seems pretty normal to me. If its not the EM program she doesn't care about it.
  • PlayerSkillFTWPlayerSkillFTW Posts: 534
    edited April 2022
    The first night on Atlantic was fun, even if it was chaotic and laggy. The constant stream of mobs swarming in was like a scene from "300".

    I was running around on a Mage/Mystic/SWer in Wraith Form keeping up Gift of Life, Mana Shield, Arcane Empowerment and Reaper while casting Essence of Wind/Thunderstorm, while casting Attunement/Gift of Renewal if anything targeted me. Got about 70 drops in close to an hour that night with 1,340 Luck and no Potion before i had to log.

    The next day, the spawn was severely nerfed, and if you sat in a group of people, you just sat there watching the script Throwers/Archers instantly kill everything in sight the moment it spawned. Got maybe 5 drops before i said screw it.

    Then last night, i was on my Paladin/Macer on Lvl 3 of Destard, letting the pets tank the bigger Paragons (AWs/SWs) as i dished out the damage and applied Stagger+Hit Fatigue to cripple their damage output. Got about 11 drops with 2,800+ Luck and no Potion in about 45 mins before i had to log.

  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    IF the team would learn from this massive failure it might be bearable..i say restore Despise and move it there...
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    The Whips are way over priced in consideration of the current drop rate.  These should be 50 point rewards, not 100 points.  Not sure how they could be more than the Serpent Quiver.
  • LonsterLonster Posts: 3
    Kyronix said:
    Spawn regions have been updated to ensure server stability.  Drop rates have remain unchanged throughout the duration of the event.  Respawn rates for dynamic treasures events function the same way as Champion Spawns with near-instant respawn.  
    My question is how many people have to whine and complain for you guys to completely destroy the awesome drop rate we had first couple days. I mean come on man, everyone knows those potions of glorious fortune are worthless now. The EA or UO store isn't going to be able to make the dividends off them as expected. Sometimes I wish I worked along side you guys to make sure the "good idea fairy" isn't running amuck. 
  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211

    Ate a potion tonight. 



    This is awful.   

    9 Drops. 

  • Say what you will about drop rate remaining the same after the spawn change, but I think it really sucks now in comparison to at the beginning of the event. The first night I played, I got 18 drops on my spellcaster in about a 1.5 hrs in an AoE group. I was excited that he was actually relevant. It was late so I went to bed. Next day the spawn changed and now I get maybe 2-3 drops in a couple of hours. Not really worth bothering as is.

    The only ones I see making out are the people who are obviously running 4-5 archers & 1 spellweaver standing in the same spot all day killing mobs the second they spawn. I switched to my chiv dexxer that always gets tons of drops during these events, not much improvement - especially since I cannot compete with the archer / spellweaver group.

    Change it back.

  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,179
    I’m all for changing the spawn to how it was on Origin night one. Participating as it is now is beyond a chore. 
    Yes please!

    You can tweak Atlantic all you want but the smaller shards are really having a rough go at it now. We were on  a roll the first few we all just want to pull our hair out :(

  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    For the last event, 15 drops an hour without a potion was good. The wildfire event we  got about 20ish per spawn in fel. I played for about 90 minites tonight, and got 2 drops.

    The drop rate should be increased when looking at the severity of paragons in this case. Paragons in destard are harder than previous dungeons. Ancient lich and rams? Deamon and succubi?

    The few warden, lattice, greater and shadow paragons make my character feel like he only has 35 resists.
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  • RintarRintar Posts: 38
    I will not spend a penny in potions until they dont change current spawn. Period
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,216
    I share everyone's frustrations on this event and I'm glad people are being vocal about it. It's crazy to think that, at least in my opinion, there were less people complaining about how "easy" it was to get drops on day one compared to the number of people complaining how hard it is now yet they changed the day 1 setup super fast whereas now they aren't nearly as responsive. 

    I think it's pretty clear that there needs to be a change made that is more closely like things were on day 1. When people are using a potion and only getting 10-15 drops something is wrong; especially when the rewards aren't anything earth shattering. On day one when drops were plentiful, I didn't really mind the price of the rewards (250 drops for a spellbook seemed "ok") but now that things have done a complete 180 most of the rewards simply don't seem worth the grind that is required (250 drops will take weeks of grinding). The juice simply isn't worth the squeeze as things are currently.

    I typically love this event and spend more time playing a day than usual when these events come out but this event hasn't been that at all. Outside of the first day or Origin and first day on ATL, I've maybe played an hour a day max before I get frustrated/bored and log out. Given how things currently are unless there is a change to give more drops, I will likely sit on the sidelines for this event as I was able to get enough drops (and buy some on the cheap) to get a portal / quiver / tali. 
  • KazKaz Posts: 128
    I was looking forward to this event for months.  
    Like all the others I prepped myself for 2 months of grinding as hard as I possibly could.   Loved the last events…

    this… this im super glad I didnt buy any soveriegns for potions. 
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    Admit they messed up somehow restore despise move event there both facets...
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
  • Two hours last night - 9 drops. This is not fun, not even a little. Like others, I couldn't wait for this to go live. We talked about it for weeks with anticipation. The first couple of days we were so excited. Yeah, I spend enough time outside of game frustrated. I don't need to spend what free time I have frustrated as well. :( 
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,437
    Tamer mage 6 drops 5 hours with potions 

    can we turn up the egg spawn at least 
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited April 2022
    “i am playing tamer (albeit semi afk as all drops are again auto insurable) it’s getting over half a dozen drops per hour no potion. I run 2840 luck without using statue.
    same drop rate as the hythloth event”
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  • Skett said:
    Tamer mage 6 drops 5 hours with potions 

    can we turn up the egg spawn at least 

    That's what I'm saying. Since I can't participate in the dungeon spawn, at least turn the egg spawn rate up. Especially on Atlantic. 2500 eggs for the only reward for mages is also ridiculous and they have to give in one way or another.
  • drcossackdrcossack Posts: 145
    Kaz said:
    I was looking forward to this event for months.  
    Like all the others I prepped myself for 2 months of grinding as hard as I possibly could.   Loved the last events…

    this… this im super glad I didnt buy any soveriegns for potions. 

    Me too.  I figured tamers would have some use, so I ended up grabbing a few Crimson/Platinum Drakes that were cold damage, scrolling them out because Chiv/AI build, and maxing their 4 core skills, with Chiv taking the longest.  Only to discover that they were all but useless against the strongest of the mobs in this one: the Paragon Shadow Wyrm.

    On LS I managed to get all the points I want, it's a matter of how to spend them.  On Origin, I forget how many points I need for the Talisman (I already got the wings), but I'm unlikely going to be able to get them now.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,163
    I spent 6 hours playing last night and got no drops. But I was playing wingspan in steam till 3am.

    @Kyronix you know something is wrong when I don't play UO a few days after a dynamic dungeon begins.
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,330
    Goal of these events should be to encourage players to work together to kill higher end monsters so that we can all succeed in getting drops and that the drop means something.   I think most of us do that even though we might never see each other outside of the event.   It should not be just all about drops.  Enjoyed the Wind event much more than this one although think they have this one about right now on my shard.
    Have been playing solo games off and on now for over thirty years.  Drop rates should be consistent and effort required to get them should be somewhat related to what you get.  Know this game has lots of different templates playing and that that makes it difficult to create a anything that is fair to all.  It usually take me a long time to get the three or four things I want to get but I am fine with that.  Think that’s the way it is supposed to be so that you feel a sense of having accomplished something.
    Think the adorned egg alternative is quite interesting.  Have never seen that sort of thing in any other game.  Have not found any yet but to be honest have not looked that much.

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