Wield of Codex & Grimoire of Nature - Cost

@Kyronix - Would it be possible to decrease the cost of the spellbooks from 250 per item down to 200 to match the cost of what they (the 50SDI book) cost for Hythloth?

I'd also maybe request the Grimoire Book be 150 drops since it's just 30 SDI so things kind of scaled up to the 50 SDI? just a thought.



  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    On the topic of the cost of certain rewards...

    The cost of the whips are high, too.  I feel these lend themselves to being a 50 to 75 drop item.   The whips are already difficult to craft, which is why alot of people don't use them. Why not cut us a break and lower the price to give people who haven't used them yet an opportunity to try them out without needing that old expensive whip recipe? I'm surprised this is more than some of the new armor/clothing slot items, doesn't feel equitable.

    Don't get me wrong, they're decent weapons, but I'm not sure they rise to the level of being worth 100 drops.   Just my two cents. 
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    “It is about 10 times easier to get drops than last event”
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