How to catch a Sneak

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As the evening approaches, King Blackthorn sits in his chambers overlooking documents and maps. It has been some time since he has ventured too far from his castle. Normally, He would send Karisa, but now it is time to bring Karisa in. With a heavy sigh he rises from his chair and looks out a window, when the captain of his guard enters the room.

“My King, We have gotten word of Karisa's location. Many citizens have come forward, in detail of her appearance in the Delucia area. The dangers are vast and I believe, you should allow me to head the search.”

Blackthorn shakes his head, never turning away from his view, “No, I appointed Karisa to her position in this court. I will be the one to bring her in. Have a cell prepared for our return. Until my Governors and I get to the bottom of her loyalties and her actions, she will remain there.”

With a bow, The captain exits the room. King Blackthorn sighs, “Karisa my friend, I hope you have a very good explanation for your actions...” With a final look through the window, King Blackthorn turns to prepare himself for the journey ahead.

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