Easter in Beruna Pass

Beruna Pass will be hosting an Easter egg hunt on 4-16 at 8PM EST.  

OVER 1,000 EASTER EGGS will be hidden in and around the building in Beruna Pass (The Tower at Beruna Pass, The Beruna Pass Smithy, Beruna Pass Alchemist and Library, Rose Cottage, Archery Range and Virtues Garden, and Beruna Pass Reformatory)

Hedges and butterflies also to be hidden and free.


  • DanneskjoldDanneskjold Posts: 34
    edited April 2022
    1,000+ curiously adorned eggs, hedges, butterflies, and parrots will be available in and around the following buildings pictured below:
     The Tower and Beruna Pass
    The Rose Cottage
    Archery Range and Virtue Garden
    Beruna Pass Alchemist and Library
    Beruna Pass Smithy
    Beruna Pass Reformatory

     (Beruna Pass is near Hanse's Hostel South of Luna)
  • New house added.  Nike's house behind the Rose Cottage will also have eggs.
  • Thanks for the fun!! As always event well done and organized!
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