Fishing Contest

Fish to catch are King Fish with 92.2 / and Blue Marlin with 105.0
Both caught in Tram Deep waters
Fish must be dated between 2/20/2022 to 4/20/2022 
Still plenty of time to get them
I really want that King fish
Fish trophys will get hung in the Sons of the Sea building across from Trinsic Docks 

**Taken from Stratics***
Yes I know this was a long extension for the Fishing contest but there is still time, and the Crab from the last contest should be hanging in Sons of the Sea right now , Guess i should go look, but to carry on with my story come help catch that King Fish and both winners the King fish and the Blue Marlin will get hung in Sons of the Sea , prizes are for the biggest fish of those two listed fish second place will receive 5 mil gold and heaviest fish out of those two fish will receive a Plow , from the uostore farm set and the pile of poop that makes a fart sound, and 5 mil gold along with a bag of goodies Come on now I need that King fish for a certain Toad spell
Jaden Rain
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