A Heartfelt Plea...

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Panting, Karisa cursed into the sky as she reached the next hide away. She stopped to catch her breath, and look around to make sure she wasn't followed. Yuji, wasn't with her. Tears fell from her face as she walked into the cave. Many of the men looked to her, but wisely turned their head away. Karisa walked to Natsuko, and knelt at her feet.

 “I am so sorry... Yuji... he was caught.. Urata had him and all the men killed.”

Natsuko sat on her chair, stunned. Her lip quivered but she quickly took on a heavy mask. “You, did all you could Karisa. Thank you, for being a good friend.” Karisa wiped her eyes, and kept her head low, “I swore allegiance to you, when we were just children, and I will die to insure your rightful place. I am not Tokunese, but in my heart, you are kin to me.” With a sigh, Natsuko rested a hand on Karisa's head, “Call upon your friends once more, I believe it is time they know exactly who I am” Karisa rose and nods her head, “I'll make sure they are delivered to your desired location.”

Natsuko rose, her expensive silk Kimono gracefully swishing along the floor. She nods to Karisa and watches her run from the cave. She then walked behind a curtain, and allowed herself to be human once more. Silent tears poured from her eyes, “My Yuji.... My love... Your death will not be forgotten. I will either succeed, or die....”

With a scream of pain and heartache, Natsuko swiped a hand through her desk, a small painting of two identical girls, flying across the room, Ink spilling onto it, covering the face of one girl in blackness.........

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