Any tamers left in UW ATL BEWARE

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I am not going to get into the rights or wrongs of Tamers still being in UW ATL, But I want to warn anyone still there with a Cu etc beware, it seems some low life will lure on you while you are in log out limbo

I logged in to find my tamer as a ghost....

So beware, there may be some jealous low life still there......

Best get a stealthier on second acct or a friend to make sure you log out safely

This is not an accident as far as I am concerned, had a tamer in there for over a year, never had this, so someone purposely lured liches etc into the bow room


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    "if someone sees someone abusing an exploit, call a GM, don't try to lure spawn onto them. As this will only get you into trouble (in trammel, okay to do in fel)"
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    I believe the fact that this encounter now works as intended, and as decribed in the original publish notes means this need not be discussed further?
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