Disrupting Chaos.....

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General Urata sat in silent frustration. How did that pirate managed to gain such support? Why does she oppose the Empress as she does? Lastly, most of those that attacked the caravan, were with him investigating the Pirate Captain.

General, Sir! A report has come in, tunnels leading all over Makoto have been found, one of the soldiers have found where the pirate scum has been hiding. And there's more, it seems your informant has been spotted there as well.” Urata stared his soldier down for a moment, “Good, gather our allies, and have them report to the Zento Inn tomorrow night,  I will deal with my informant.” As the soldier left, Urata scrawled out a note and sent it off with his hawk, he then left his office.

A short walk later, he sat at a pond and waited, watching the cranes peck at the water and some fly overhead. After a half hour had passed, a familiar voice called to him, “I remember this place when I was young, You used to take me for walks here often. Feeling nostalgic today?” Karisa approached him and sat beside Urata, his note in her hand. Urata rested a hand on hers, “You were just a small girl when I found you... four years old...Wild eyed and scared. I was a meager foot soldier then. I took you in, gave you a better life and even thought of you as my daughter, even though we look nothing alike.”

Karisa stared at Urata for a long moment, “Why are you speaking this way? What is wrong?”

Urata sighed, “You are aiding criminals still, look me in the eyes and try to deny it.” Karisa frowns and jerks her hand away from his, “You accuse me of aiding criminals? These are no criminals!” Urata stands over her, furious, “They oppose the Empress! Ransacked her Caravans! Murdered my men!” Karisa stood as tall as she could, head held high, “Of course they oppose the Empress!... Because its the WRONG Empress! Your men were casualties of war, and I am sorry for that, But Yukiko is NOT... the rightful heiress to that throne....”

She, was Princess, of course she is the rightful Heir!” Urata grabbed Karisa by the arms and shook her, “You have to stop aiding this impostor, Karisa, I do not want to see your life ended.” Karisa's eyes watered as she smiled, “There, were, two.” With a quick jerk of her arm, Karisa freed herself from his grasp, and vanished in a cloud of smoke. Urata stood there confused, “Two? What do you mean two?!” As he stood there waiting for answers, the smoke cleared, and Karisa was gone. Having no idea what she meant, Urata goes along with his plans, and awaits for tomorrow night.......

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