Item Insurance

So with item insurance, say someone hands you a piece of gear that is insured by him.  You head out, get killed, does that insurance cancel or will it automatically pick up and take it out of your bank?  I have ran into a couple issues the last couple days where items were insured but I wasn't the one who insured them.  They were insured by the person who gave them to me. 

Thanks for the help. 


  • UrgeUrge Posts: 970
    Left click yourself and find the item insurance selection. The very top of that will have a button for Auto Insure. If it's checked then it'll automatically take it out of your bank. 

    To answer your question, this is a game of better safe than sorry. Cancel the insurance and insure it yourself if you are doubting the system. 
  • Urge, I will be doing that going forward.  I never thought that would be an issue.  
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