A Call to Arms...

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As darkness covered the night sky, one small form cloaked in shadow walked silently into Makoto. Making their way into the Inn, they were greeted with dark eyes of the Empress' General himself.

“Greetings, Karisa?”, With a smile, she slipped her hood back, her golden strands standing out against the darker hair of the Tokunese around her. “Greetings, General Urata. It's been some time since we've seen one another. I hear you've gotten yourself into quite the pickle?” The man frowns and sets his tea cup down. “We have a situation that has..gotten severely out of hand. I am in need of your assistance once more my old friend.”

Karisa grinned and poured herself a cup of tea, “I fear my activities have changed over the years since our last chat, King Blackthorn recruited me some time ago. I lead his investigations of Britannia's criminal activities. Assassinations are no longer things I can simply do.” The General chuckles, “Little Kari, now a tamed hand to the King, that is adorable.” Karisa points at him, “Maybe so, but it keeps me out of prison. So what's happening here, and what sort of help do you need?”

The General, sighs, “Pirates, are ransacking the Empress' caravans, causing trouble on the sea's. What's worse, they're recruiting more to their cause. They've become such a problem, my men are having trouble, and you know how I train my men, seeing as you've run into them in the past, many times.”

Karisa laughs, “And beat them up, several times..Yes, Yes... Britannia had an issue over the last year with the King's old Court Magi, we had to put her down. Our citizens were a great help in the battle. I'll spread word that their assistance is needed in Tokuno. You will have great support tonight my old friend. I will warn you, not all of Britannia's citizens are... trust worthy. You may lose some to the Pirates, I cannot be part of the fight, but I can send you help.” The General bows his head to Karisa, “Thank you my friend, I will make preparations for this evening”

Karisa nods and bows her head, as she leaves the General sips his tea and wonders, Just what sort of assistance will his little Kari be sending him..........

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