Devs - Is it possible to get Auto Open Corpses for the Enhanced Client?

NyreNyre Posts: 47
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The Classic client  got this option a few months ago  however no update to the Enhanced Client.   Is it possible for it to be added anytime in the future?  


  • Your definition of "a few months ago" is quite generous...

    From the March 2019 Newsletter (Ultima Online Newsletter #35 (

    "5.  Will the auto open corpses feature be added to the EC?

    We have a number of EC performance and utility improvements scheduled over the next several publishes, and can add this feature to the list we'd like to implement."

    So, the answer to your question is "yes" it is possible...anytime in the future leaves things quite open ended...

    I would expect this feature sometime after the ghost mobs are fixed and right before auto-follow is added. 
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