Is publish 112 really going live next week?



  • keven2002 said:
    Larisa said:
    They never put bug/exploit fixes in the patch notes so ppl can't figure out a  work around before it goes live. 

    They call out bug fixes all the time. They even did it for this release. They are always under the Misc Updates. "The reflect physical damage..." that was a bug that was fixed to correct the issue (ie bug).

    "The issue that allowed people in to Gravewater without proper attire has been resolved." How hard is that?

    1.- What on earth is the "house teleporter refresh cooldown"?

    2.- The online store is definitely bugged.
    Tried different accounts on different shards I play with these same results:
    -It opens in Origin, but its completely blank, with no merchandise to be seen, but it displays my available sovereigns
    -is not working at all on ATL, it doesn't even open
    -It works fine in Europa, Drachenfels, GL, & Chessy.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,708
    The refresh cooldown is something that was put in like 1 or 2 publishes ago? They never really gave much insight into what the issue was (I never experienced a broken teleporter) but they made it have a 7 day cool down to fix (I'm guessing someone was exploiting something) and they have eased up that cool down to 1 day. Again I don't know what it's actually changing.  

    I've also seen lots of people saying it is down on ATL as well. I just tried and yep it's broken for me too - it immediately aborts the request. 

    Sounds like a few wonky things were introduced with pub 112 though so probably just need to report the bugs as you come across them.
  • TimTim Posts: 727
    At least we now know why this item was included

    Classic Client

    • Increased max ignore list cap from 20 to 80.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,708

    I think this is all many people were asking for. 

    Thank you @Kyronix and @Mesanna
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