Favorite or Most Useful House Addon\Decoration?

Which house addons or decorations do you find to be the most useful or a "must have" in any house build?  (If you just find something "pretty" that's cool too)


  • BenBen Posts: 183
    I suppose the soul forge.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,976
    All the modes of transportation.  The Crystal and Corrupt portals, etc.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,527
    I agree with Ben and Pawain.
    Also have to say, it depends on the people living in the house.

    I also find that a spinning wheel and loom are great for crafters.
    The AutoLoom coming out in the next Publish, will replace the loom though.
    you will still need the spinning wheel for thread and balls of yarn.
    (some tailor items require them)

    Also dedicated crafters really need the vet reward stations.
    which hold 5000 charges, so you don't have to constantly create new tools
    while filling your BODs (also gives you time to use the spinning wheel & loom while crafting)

    Actual add-on deeds
    I would have to say the Kings collection items
    Fire Painting gives a 0.1 pink a week
    Barrel Sponge gives potions 
    Ship painting gives powder charges (ammo for ship cannons)
    Also I just love both of the beds (the deed can be dyed)

    the blessed statue from the spring decor collection
    it looks like a cat & you can get reagents from it every day

    fountain of life (converts bandages into enhanced bandages)
    obtained from heritage token. 
    also 3 cool new designs from the store (purchased using sovs from origin)
    my favorite being the pump, but the other two are cool too

    if you grow plants because you use lot of natural dyes
    raised garden bed (don't have to water or give potions... just plant & walk away)
    field garden bed (you can walk on top of it, unless the plant is impassable)

    these are some of the things I feel are the most useful
  • DeaconDeacon Posts: 7
    Thank you for the responses.  Any thoughts on the raised gardens?  Are they worth it?
  • DeaconDeacon Posts: 7
    Was going back over your post and saw you mentioned raised gardens.  Ty.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,976
    Most important things are random deco items!

    The chest that sends things to your bank from the Rustic upgrade is nice.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,527
    Deacon said:
    Thank you for the responses.  Any thoughts on the raised gardens?  Are they worth it?
    yes very much so
    before these came out I would grow over 100 plants
    I had to tend them every day, until they gave all resources.
    if you missed a day, then you would have to use potions on them.
    I'm not sure how many times I had dead plants

    with raised gardens
    you plant and then return 17 days later
    get your resources and seeds
    then repeat
  • Queen_MumQueen_Mum Posts: 56
    edited February 1
    Although the DECORATING KIT TOOL is not an actual add-on or a decoration, it is my favorite item of all. Remembering the days where fish steaks were used for raising and lowering items. Or the hit and miss of turning items ... THANK YOU to Mr. Tact for the creation.
    *cookie hugs* 


    A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away
  • I've found that one of my favorite things to do is craft natural dyes. So a must have is the raised garden beds. I usually keep at least 4 going at all times.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,976
    Can't believe we didn't say Commodity Deed Box yet.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,341
    Teleport Tiles
    There isn't just one thing but many.
  • When the loot overwhelms the home storage capacity, the garden shed is invaluable! 
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