How do you turn off the healthbar on targeted creatures?

This is only an issue for me when mining with a fire beetle. Using the beetle to smelt ore activates the healthbar and it remains showing unless I do something like mount the beetle.  Ocassionally, the healthbar prevents me from mining a spot. Yes, I could just move the beetle and have it stay, but if I could turn off the healthbar, I could just mine with no issues. Thank you for you time.


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    You can dock the health bar for the beetle under the "Pets" docking tab. Click the arrow in the header of the "Pets" tab to close the tab. This way you can use your pets without having their health bars onscreen. Click the arrow in the header again to expose the health bar(s) when needed.
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    Or just pull it aside
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    You are not getting it. Target a creature- you will see a small red bar, which represents its health. It is a separate item from the health bar you are talking about. Target several creatures, each one you target that bar will appear. you have to mount or kill or go out of range presumably for the bar to disappear, you cannot move it from its location at the bottom on the creature. It precisely because you CAN'T move it that is causing the issue. You can't click on, target or move item that is below this stupid little bar.
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    ah, like this?
    do you not use 'target by resource'?  you could try the macro in this page:

    or simply place the ore in a hot bar slot and set the target to 'stored' where stored is the fire beetle. Then clicking on the hotbar slot will smelt the ore on the beetle without triggering the red bar.

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    If Mariah's picture above is what you are referring to, then you are talking about the "mini health bar" not the "health bar" - yes, the EC distinguishes between the two.

    The mini health bar appears to be a function of the Cursor Targeting system in the EC and anytime you are targeting a mobile with the Cursor Targeting system, the mini health bar will appear for that mobile. I haven't had much time to look, but I don't see an action to toggle the mini health bar off once it appears. The simplest way seems indeed to be to mount/dismount the beetle.

    However, as Mariah suggested, you can use direct targeting (Target>Stored) instead of cursor targeting to smelt ore on the beetle without a mini health bar appearing. Mariah's macro and hotbar examples above use the direct targeting method. 

    Good luck!
  • Bingo, we have a winner.  Thank you Mariah and Arroth.  It is definitely  the cursor targeting system. I found that if you use a shovel like you are mining and target any mobile it triggers this bar. As for workaround, I could do the ore on a hotbar, but that would require one space for each type ore. After I clear mind with coffee, will look at the other solutions suggested, a simple resource/stored would be nice.  
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