EJ Bank Box observations

  • If you click the banker NPC and select "Open Bankbox" you then MUST have an item you can add to the box. It won't give you the menu otherwise.  Saying "bank" is the only way to view the box without adding an item.
  • When adding and removing items from the new Endless Journey bankbox, it will not let you target gold and add it to your bank. (I know you are supposed to select "Make deposit into Currency account".) But what you CAN do, is add a pile of gold to a container and then it adds to the bankbox as an item instead of currency. 
  • If you have a stackable item you have to add it all in at once, otherwise it doesn't stack. This is probably fine unless you have something really heavy.
Overall I really like it. It didn't take too long to figure out. I wasn't able to test using a bankbox that already contained items.


  • TrismegistosTrismegistos Posts: 164
    edited April 2018
    ok i know, they should supposed to fill commodity deeds. But if i would be a returning archer and have 20-28 stacks of arrows, each 500, how should restocking should work. Why not undeed 60k and let pick an amount?
    Same with bandages.
    And why stuff didn't stack?
    And the EJ View is a bagless view. This means, even items are stored in bags, they are shown on top level together with the bag(filled or unfilled).
    You can add a whole bag if amount of items fits.
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