EM chance

Sorry missed the meeting, could you post here in the future for those of us that arent in game can have a headsup? Welcome to napa!


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    Also, napa is a west coast server. 5pm is just when many of us get off work.
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    Norry said:
    Also, napa is a west coast server. 5pm is just when many of us get off work.
    Sadly a trend we've been seeing lately. 5pm or 6pm PST for a west coast server is unacceptable. Origin, Sonoma, now Napa, LOL. They're usually at 7pm or 8pm PST, a more reasonable time for us local players.
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  • Had no idea we even had a new EM!...Was it announced somewhere and I missed it? 
  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    no it was not, at least in the forums. there is a new NPC in luna named Scott(?) that announced it. the event wasn't on the calander till the day before. 
    I asked him/her at the event to post here as well as the calander, but i think that may have offended them(things posted here are instant, but the calander takes days to update).

  • EM is Not off to a good start !......thanks for the info, appreciated!
  • thanks for the great event EM Chance...
  • Wish Napa had a cancellation notification like Lake Austin did this month...a lantern placed there to confirm the EM was ill and event wouldn't take place. Hoping the reason is loss of internet, or something not serious in nature.
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