Can we ban freedom of speech?


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    Can you not ban this guy permanently?
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  • "Freedom of speech" usually refers to the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which refers to governmental action. This is a privately run and owned forum dedicated to a video game. There ain't no "freedom of speech" beyond that which the owners allow.

    One day the USA needs to have a sober conversation about privately-owned and operated public speech places (like shopping malls or Twitter or a privately held 'public' park in New York City) and their ability to regulate speech in their private spaces. (Try and organize a union in a shopping mall or hold a protest in a privately-held park in New York City and you'll see far more brutal crackdowns than there ever have been or will be against those fermenting insurrection against the United States on Twitter.)

    However, when we do have that discussion, there'll be no way it can or should include trolls on a forum dedicated to a very old MMO. This is just not the stuff of freedom of speech. And it's creepy and insincere to imply that it is.
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    There is no such thing as freedom of speech in a private forum
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    on which note, I think it is now relevent to end this one.
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