Kyronix, why LUCK does not benefit Crafters in their Professions ?

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I do not understand, why, among the Systems affected by in-game LUCK, basically, crafting activities are left out from benefitting from it....

Looking at one can infact read : 
Systems Affected by Luck
Luck will affect the following systems,
  • Treasure Chest Loot
  • SoS Chests
  • Monster Loot
  • Dredging Hooks
  • Mining for Saltpeter
  • Quest Rewards
  • Trick or Treat Begging
  • Artifact drops from:
  • Shadowguard
  • Ilshenar Paragons
  • Halloween ‘treasures of’ events
Aside from Mining from Saltpeter, I basically, for example, see no mention of LUCK affecting being given better (Large or higher materials) Bulk Order Deeds, nor I see any mention of Luck increasing the chances to get crafting/imbuing materials spawns among the loot, I see no mention of Luck increasing the chances at reforging better items (matching properties), nor I see any mention of Luck increasing the chances at getting the large gems when mining, or the crafting special materials when lumberjacking.... bottom line is, to my impression, I see Luck pretty much having no impact on improving the life of Crafters in Ultima Online....

Why ?

@Kyronix , shouldn't Crafters "also " be made able to benefit from in-game Luck ? Why crafters so often seem to end up getting the short end of the stick, if I may ask ?


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    ^^^^^^ THIS is the reason you have scarce game time.  Constantly posting desperately random posts here.  You bounce from crisis to crisis.   What’s wrong with you?

    you spend all your time looking for problems then come here and moan 

    thought you were in the Abyss farming ?
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    The other side of that 'coin' is that crafters don't have to consider the luck property when building their own suits, unless they plan to mine for saltpeter.

    Please understand there are enough genuine topics for discussion without anyone needing to invent them.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,177
    Like I said in the other two threads where you requested this.

    How would the game know which properties you want when reforging?

    What would luck do?  Skills probably already do that.

    No reason for this.

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Luck when smelting would be great other than that I am ok
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,333
    Don’t the talismans with crafting skills exceptional and bonus percentages more or less do the same thing luck does?  Just a different luck system for crafters.
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,453
    Luck for what purpose ? There's already a displayed percentage which can cap at 100%..guess what ? 100% is the best damn luck you can get.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    I’m pretty sure popps is paid to write content, regardless of quality, to give the impression the website is more active.

    I’ve used services like his before when manipulating google’s search engine for companies trying to elevate their result status. 

    Give him a break, he’s just pushing out search engine result keyword junk as fast as he can. 
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    Arnold7 said:
    Don’t the talismans with crafting skills exceptional and bonus percentages more or less do the same thing luck does?  Just a different luck system for crafters.
    Well, Talismans do not help when reforging, when enhancing, when imbuing...

    Their help is strictly limited to the crafting process, period.

    And also the gathering of materials which are necessary for Crafters in order to carry out their profession receive no help from in-game Luck.... when a Crafter needs to gather materials, wearing Luck, other then for Saltpeter from mining, has no effect on getting higher ore or wood, or special gems from mining and special drops from lumberjacking, not to mention, better chances to get in the loot (or from chests, whether hidden or not) imbuing materials.

    Even stealing from Monsters, which is not crafting yes, but still, to my understanding, receives no benefit whatsoever from in-game Luck when doing steals from Monsters and NPCs....

    It looks to me that in game Luck could, and I think should, be significantly expanded well beyond the scarce few systems that it currently only affects.
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    Just spit out what you want and stop trying to sugar coat these arguments. Yes the drop rate is lower than i even like. It's an old system that probably needs a quality of life update and will never happen because that's how it goes around here.

    A multi year seasoned vet such as yourself should know elves already have your luck bonus when resource gathering. Gargs have your imbuing bonus. And real cash buys your luck when enhancing. 
  • RinerRiner Posts: 371
    popps said:

    Well, Talismans do not help when reforging, when enhancing, when imbuing...

    You're incorrect, talisman's can and do help with the odds for enhancing as they will allow the Crafter to raise their skill above 100 thus increasing the livelihood that the enhancement will work and not break the item.

    As @Pawain stated the game has no way of knowing what you want from reforging so even with luck or anything else it is still putting random traits on the item.

    Finally, imbuing has the Queen's Forge and Gargoyle race both increase the odds that your imbuing attempt will work. Well not a talisman it does a similar task.

    Alias, you would probably be far more content if you simply accepted this world for what it is and live within it's bounds. I have to wonder if you complain and how gravity works and the orbits of planets looking for ways that you would like them changed to suit your desires.
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