Lets Fix This

Again last night we were griefed by a player named  Hayate and a few others that hid immediately, at the Charybdis unfortunately I was not able to be there but I got the story from Bytor and several others,, Hayate, also was the same one who did this a few weeks ago, this is the character seen doing the net tossing to bring up all the scalis and this time there were others they had several boats and tried blocking the group in while Charybdis  was up they threw nets and brought up several scalis, this was in tram, next time I will be there and I will page regardless it does any good or not that is the only option I have at this time. I am sorry to the ones who were there last night and had to endure this but from what I have heard you all did very well and killed it and one scalis. So Id like to get the names of those there, I will have something special for you to roll for and sashes that say "I was Killed by Charybdis"

So if anyone knows who this is we would appreciate knowing

Jaden Rain


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