NM Trammel: City Upgrades


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    The Modest Damsel was refurbished by the Royal Carpenters... (not by the governor or his crew)
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    Playing with the concept of a Martello watching over the Northern docks...
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    "Martello towers, sometimes known simply as Martellos, are small defensive forts that were built across the British Empire during the 19th century, from the time of the French Revolutionary Wars onwards. Most were coastal forts.

    They stand up to 40 feet (12 m) high (with two floors) and typically had a garrison of one officer and 15–25 men. Their round structure and thick walls of solid masonry made them resistant to cannon fire, while their height made them an ideal platform for a single heavy artillery piece, mounted on the flat roof and able to traverse, and hence fire, over a complete 360° circle. A few towers had moats or other batteries and works attached for extra defence.

    The Martello towers were used during the first half of the 19th century, but became obsolete with the introduction of powerful rifled artillery. Many have survived to the present day, often preserved as historic monuments."

    Nova Scotia, Canada

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    Chapter 22. Sodalite and Sodality.

    Fortifications done, fresh water supply, new mines, refurbished tavern, new security level...
    NM citizens, visitors, friends and refugees living in quiet sodality.

    The last weeks have been quiet and we've been exploring Sosaria.

    Today we've just finished the underwater encounter... and some New Haven Royal Guards have defeated a shadowlord!

    Faulinei is the Shadowlord of Falsehood, and is one of three such beings that represent the opposing aspects of the Principles of Truth, Love, and Courage.

    Our Royal Regiment will hunt down the shadowlords weekly...
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    However, "...they are mere eidolons for the ever present and eternal evil in men's hearts."

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    Thank you all for the elven artisan donations!
    Now we can add the humility items into the new buildings!
    Come visit later!!!
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    The old elf sat at the New Haven docks quietly savouring his new reward... skewered peppercorn fishsteaks. He  grinned and winked to Norton the fisherman... "deliciiious!"

    "Today is a great day!", he said to no one... while walking South to the edge of the New Haven Docks.

    After meeting the Mayor of New Haven, we've found a solution to the massive number of refugees that have moved and are arriving daily to New Magincia during the past months. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Meers, Goblins and some unknown races have reached our shores... their background isn't important what matters is making sure there is Hope and a path forward.

    The tents with refugees covered the entire Northern Ward. The Modest Maiden was full. All of the NM families accepted to take care of wave after wave of refugees. They have faced the destruction of our city before and knew what losing everything meant... thus these refugees became our new citizens. Equals in Diversity. Now it was time to share the good news and wait patiently for the decision of each former refugee.

    Lady Amser accepted to welcome our new citizens, like she did with the previous citizens of Haven.

    The elf remembered the information he found in the old tomes (uoguide), while taking another bite at the amazing fishsteak and feeling like he was missing something to subdue the wild pepper:
    "Haven, most of which is now destroyed or has sunk into the great sea. The catastrophe occurred soon after mysterious traders appeared all over the island collecting Blackrock. The city of New Haven appeared as quickly as the old one was destroyed."

    Quietly, he made his checklist:
    - New Haven is a very friendly place with good infrastructure and hunting grounds for newcomers.
    - Thanks to generous patrons, our integration fund has enough resources to support all of our new citizens and they will find a new, temporary, home in New Haven.
    - There they will have enough resources to train their new skill set or just settle in. The integration funds also include a housing fund and many councilmembers donated extra items: Forges, looms...
    - Those that wish to rejoin New Magincia are most welcome.

    The last bite was the spiciest, good old Norton always left a surprise to the unwary custumer!
    The elf smiled and slowly opened a purple flask without a label, just an engraved gypsy dancer.

    He raised the flask and remembered the days when New Haven was bursting with life:
    "Cheers to you, old ghosts.. you're dearly missed."

    Closing the flask, the old arcanist walked to fisherman one last time and handed over the wooden skewer, adding... "Please recycle."

    Walking back to the bank, the elf watched the city. New Haven was well protected. The NH Royal Britannian Guard Regiment was still around. Even if the local Royal Guards were a little more grey and plump... Guess it was time to go back home and put everything in motion... "Kal Ort Por..."

    "Refugee Integration. The struggle to build global policies that support access to.permanent solutions is matched by the challenge of encouraging, local and global policies that support refugees as they try to integrate, into new communities."
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    #New Magincia, Trammel, Night#

    The last refugees from the last wave were moving into the moongate. Two volunteers, one from Nu'jelm and a Socialist, and three TormTars, our stern paladins, would escort them to New Haven. The families were sanguine about their future. One week in New Magincia was enough to prove that they weren't alone... Ever.

    The NM crew, aka the shepherds, sat down at the stone benches pausing for a few moments. Around them a sudden quietness took over. The crashing sound of the tropical waves, the warm wind... And of course,  every single sheep in the flock, each with their different voice. The shepherds could pick out and identify almost all of them without seeing who it was... Even the sheep were silent.

    Suddenly the moongate gleamed and new visitors were arriving! The torchlight was enough to reveal their soaking gypsy colourful clothes... Several children, old ones and women crossed the moongate into New Magincia. Their faces filled with confusion, fear and their minds wondering about the same old question every time there was a catastrophic event... "Why us?"

    Without hesitation one of the drow, a Uss Baat'leb, pointed her wand to the dark skies... Unleashing the alarm...  A mininova exploded in the skies above New Magincia... The island was in motion!

    The shepherds took the newly arriving refugees, and now new NM citizens, to the empty tents on the Northern Ward, to the tavern and the homes of several families... none was gravely wounded, however catastrophic events usually escalate into death and major destruction so all was set... The healers, the arcanists, the drow elves from Yew, the retired royal guards. Everyone was busy, active and on alert.

    A new wave of refugees would arrive soon... They were not alone.

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    What is the New Magincia Department of Sanitation?

    We keep New Magincia clean, safe, and healthy by collecting, recycling and disposing of waste, cleaning streets and vacant lots, and clearing the mess after each Net Toss (Wednesdays).
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    The Royal Guards stood in formation!
    Two skalds in the rear, their songs inspiring the entire team, while summoning several energy vortexes and keeping an eye out for the need of extra curing or healing (and future resses in a safe area).
    The next line had four members of the Regiment...
    Two archers with extra arrows, extra bandages, some potions' kegs and empty bottles within easy reach. Next to them, two tamers while their pets stood some feet away. Their primer's magik kept the pets regenerating. Their knowledge of the arcane added to the defense of the front line. Much like the skalds, they were ready for the extra curing or healing.
    The front line was something else!
    Four unnaturally white skinned warriors wearing bone and plate armour, each one wielding a double axe. They hacked and slashed, fast and furiously... their wounds closing as fast as their skin was ripped open. From time to time, roaring screams echoed in unison... "An Sanct Gra Char"!
    The two pets, two huge triceratops, stood near the front line. Their mission was to provide two extra targets and give the warriors some extra moments to heal between the endless waves of relentless attackers...
    They all stopped for a few seconds to salute the approaching Governor and went back to their drill.
    The old elf watched the regiment training. He smiled softly. So much work for nothing... but who would explain that to the Royal Guards, not him for sure... so he saluted back and stood in humble silence. They would soon learn. It was a Friday Night Hunt, there were no tactics!
    (cya tonight at 8pm)
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    (Thank you to the FNH crew for all this relaxing fun!!!
    A very special thank you to Anne for getting us all killed on a weekly base!)
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    1. The same mysterious traders that made Haven explode and vanish are now visiting New Magincia.
      We're trying to learn more about:
      - black lotus (?),
      - volcanic ashes..."The refuse of the volcano has the property of creating the initial spark of Fire."
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