Sonoma September 2022 EM Events

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Royal Council Meeting: September 11th 5pm PDT.

EM Event Night: September 25th 6pm PDT.

September Mini Events: 

Throughout September will be mini pop-up events during the week and on weekends that will start sometime between the hours of 6pm and 7pm PDT.  When an event begins a gate will appear by the Luna stables and by the Blackthorn Castle Bridge.  There will be an NPC at the gate location that will call citizens to arms, giving more details on the event that is happening and whether it is an incursion or an invasion.  The event will also be announced in General and EM Event chat channels.
If the incursion or invasion is not quelled, there may be dire consequences.

Are these invasions linked?  Look for clues that may give information regarding the source.



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