The FCB is back on LA!

The FCB back on Lake Austin!

This restores one of the longest held traditions in UO open to all fisherman alike.

Back in 2013 Captain Symrustar took a break from UO unexpectantly and recently returned back to roots of Ultima. The FCB guild mantle was taken up again, opening up the high seas for fun, and plans for future enjoyment. With current residence inside a Keep located outside Vesper city limits, FCB will continue to train, share knowledge, sponsor events, and have as much camaraderie as possible.

f you are interested in aligning your fisherman to the ranks for the FCB, contact Symrustar on LA. You can also use the FCB Discord channel to reach us:

Join the FCB Discord Server!

Check out the FCB community on Discord - hang out with 38 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

--Fleet Captain Gem

P.S. FCB is also active on Great Lakes


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