hit dispel on weapons not working

the hit dispel mod on weapons is currently not working at all.
I tried vs. all kinds of summons including rising collosus, energy vortexes, etc. not even summoned pixies could be dispelled.
Whenever the hit dispel mod procured it gave a message "the creature resisted the attempt to dispel it!"
Is this working as intended?
I know magery dispel fails sometimes when the summon has resist spells but it works at least some times.

If it is in fact working as intended could we maybe add an imbueable area effect "mass dispel" (same category as for example hit physical area etc.) that has the same chance to dispel any summoned creature within range as the magery spell mass dispel?


  • Could be a formula taking account the caster's eval intel. vs target's magic resist, which is lame if its the case. Have you try on a character with eval ?
  • MiskMisk Posts: 61Dev
    the hit dispel mod on weapons is currently not working at all. 
    The dispel game mechanics pits the source's skill (player) v. the target's summon difficulty (summoned creature).

    The skill used depends on how the dispel is delivered.  When the dispel is delivered via spell or scroll the players MAGERY is the skill used.  When the dispel is delivered via weapon (dispel proc) the players TACTICS is the skill used.

    There are obviously other factors involved in the calculation, but those are the skills being used.  I hope this clears up any confusion.
  • @Misk could you define "summon difficulty" please?

    I tested a swordsman with 120 tactics vs. a Rising Collossus summoned by a char with 120 mysticism and focus and the spellweaving mastery active with a tier III primer.
    The result was that the 120 tactics swordsman had a success rate to dispel of slightly under 10%. 90% of the time it gave the message "the creature resisted the attempt to dispel it!"
    This seems a little off.
    I tried with a char with only 60 tactics and that character never ever dispelled anything.

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    So a weapon with 50% hit dispell and 120 tactics, you would have roughtly 50% chance to hit a  50% chance to proc a <10% chance to dispell a colossus , might as well say it will never happen in reality. 

    120 Tactics should be a 100% guaranteed dispell (when it procs) Just like magery dispell is also guaranteed at 120...
  • yes I only counted the times the hit dispel actually procured. The dispel chance is ridiculously low even at 120 tactics and at 60 tactics it seems like there is 0 chance of dispelling anything.
    @Kyronix could you please look into this? Something is off here...
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