Macro order rearranges itself after you change any step (CC)

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Any macro that involves more than one step, such as:
cast arch cure

will often scramble the order of steps if you change one step. For example, if I go and change arch cure to greater heal and save, suddenly the macro doesn't work.. I go back to the macro and suddenly it says:

cast greater heal

..or something like that. Please fix.
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    They seem to work well when you set them up and save the first time.

    When you try to edit a long one, you can get some random lines added and removed and/or order changed.

    So I agree with this assessment.  And also would appreciate a fix.

    I am bad enough at making macros.  I don't need an added challenge.
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    New players are still struggling with this, originally posted in MAY 2018!

    I was speaking to someone today trying to make a macro with a delay in it he was trying to experiment with different delay times, and each time he couldn't get the macro to work, I had to say to him there is a bug and you have to delete the macro and start again, editing the macro puts the macros in the wrong order!!

    Please hire or fire someone

    New players have 0 chance of figuring this out.
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  • MiskMisk Posts: 61Dev
    There are several macro related problem reports in the system including this one.
  • InLorInLor Posts: 354
    Misk said:
    There are several macro related problem reports in the system including this one.
    Squash 'em!
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    "Just a word of caution to check all your macros as this is still active today.

    I was trying to res my war horse using a uo macro and it was applying bandage to nearest mobile instead of nearest follower (my mistake), when i located the fault i corrected the macro to:

    select nearest: follower (changed from mobile)
    bandage target.

    I saved the macro and saved to back-up too.

    Then in the field discovered again this macro is not working?
    because editing the macro changed the order after save to:

    bandage target
    select nearest: follower

    not sure if anyone still uses classic client but just be warned this is very bad"

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    If this is about EC macros, it is difficult to properly place new steps into the string of steps you have.  Almost always had to rearrange the steps into the proper order after adding a step.  Made creating macros very frustrating at times. That’s just the way UO works.  I guess get used to it.  UO is the goofiest program I have ever used.  Would like to say it’s part of UO’s charm but afraid that’s not the language I use anymore to describe UO.

    Just saw this discussion is about CC macros.  Sorry.  Anyway ec macros are not a peace of cake either.  But, believe they are stable once you get them working the way you intend for them to work.
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