Modified Tabard and Pigments of Tokuno

LouveLouve Posts: 13
So, the Pigments of Tokuno can be used to dye only items with magical properties / enhanced items. I have my Tabard of Virtue converted with the Hawkwind's Robe, and so it has gained magical properties. Still, I cannot dye it with the Pigments of Tokuno (whereas the Hawkwind's Robe by itself can be colored). It would be great if that can be fixed.


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,030Dev
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    This is working as intended.  Currently the tabard is only available in virtue hues and can be dyed with regular cloth dyetubs. 

    Edit to add:  It occurred to me after the below comment that you can in fact dye these with regular cloth dyetubs.  That part is working as intended considering they are made of cloth.  The more rare colors are what are restricted to what comes out as the virtue hue.

    @Louve unfortunately we cannot alter it once you have dyed it.  

    @Danpal this was something we found during implementation and due to the fact it goes in the robe slot we run into the layering issue.  We attempted to resolve it at the time but it was creating a lot more issues that we'd like.  I can bring it up again to see if we can resolve it.  Thanks for the feedback!
  • LouveLouve Posts: 13
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    Well, not exactly. The problem is I've managed to dye it (accidentally) with a dye tub. I want to reverse it but cannot, so I hoped I would be able to give it at least a color more like the one it came in originally. So either the bug is that the tabard cannot be dyed by Tokuno Pigments or that I was able to dye it with a tub... ;-)
  • DanpalDanpal Posts: 119
    Sorry for the high Jack. But I noticed that when the tabard is equipped the arm armor disappears. Just the look of it At lest in the EC. Is there anyway to fix it. @Kyronix . Really like the tabard look just dont like that my arms are showing 
  • LouveLouve Posts: 13
    @Kyronix So... hence it should not be possible to dye the Tabard, may I kindly ask to have mine fixed to its original color, please...? o:)

    @Danpal No problem, I don't like this either (I'm on the EC, too).
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