And that's all I better say...


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    Very informative.  A few others should take this advice.

    *post should be moved to the forum feedback section. It has nothing to do with UO.*
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    Every time I come on here it seems like posts are deleted and threads closed.... Not much to read at all.....
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    It kind of seems that way 
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    I read the comments before they got deleted.  You did not miss much.  Person A attacked Person B. Person B defended themselves. Person A attacks Person B again. Person B defends.  Mod deletes comments and tells people to stop with the personal attacks.  Person A ignores the mod and attacks B again. B defends, A attacks, B defends. Mod deletes the comments and closes the thread because it devolved into A attacking B.

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    People just need to behave. This is an official forum from a professional company. You can disagree and have a conversation without getting nasty. It makes the company and the playerbase look bad to outside eyes. 

    The trash talk needs to be left for the fan forums. 
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    well all I can say is sorry. I really wish it stayed open without any comments about any person. you think if person B just ignored person A and C it would still be open? 
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    It was not person B's fault that the thread was closed.  Person B was right to respond as person B did.  The responses were well written. Two thumbs up to person B. But there came a time when it was best to start ignoring persons A and C.  Especially after the mod said to stop the personal attacks. At that point person B had the mod in their corner.  But A and C kept on attacking.  They are why the thread was closed.

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    just to let you that 90% or maybe more uo base player dont visit forum. So opinion in forum threads doesn t reflect the opinion of the majority of uo player. It s kinda sad to see some people talking so much with false statements and thinking they know the game and how useless there non sens comments are.
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    assuming I was person A? or C?  how can you put your point of view across strongly without getting a post locked. For me it's not personal in what I say, but "person A" needs to know what negative affects his/her actions take on others.

    This is what I was doing. 

    Sadly it seems on this forum you are not allowed to have your say, you have to just stay quiet or tell the Devs how wonderful things are

    And in doing so, the 3rd party scripts and multi box cheats just hide under the radar. Maybe thats what the dev team want. Smooth ride?

    Which is a shame, we can all agree 100% that this game is being hurt, but if we would STOP buying from illegal site, no matter how cheap then thats a start

    And if once and for all 3rd party illegal sites are closed. Who cares if loads leave??????? More will come back maybe, as those of us that are left will have new enthusiasm for the game and will promote to others.  How many people do u still have on the icq list?  imagine how many of them would bet overjoyed to hear things are getting better?

    We must remember we are NOT the UO police, if we see something illegal report it yes. But don't take matters into your own hands, as almost certainly it WILL impact on others. Which is what I was trying to get across in the now predictable closed thread.

    That was all as a result of what I have experienced recently, and was NOT intending to personally attack. I will speak up, intake and RL if I feel that something the is happening is having a negative affect on me. I wont change that either.

    This is just a game yes, but we have invested so much time and money in this experience, we all want to have a great time, but NOT at the expense of others. Well thats my goal anyway

    wanted to clarify that. And I was also stand by what I said in game, Once the umbra road owner get bored and stops "helping" at idocs, to let me know and I will start again. Hopefully this will happen at the same time the DEV team deal with 3rd party scripts. And if they never do, well I have already found plenty o others things to do intake. Which is why this game is so awesome

    So, Spring, I did not intend to upset you, if I did, I am sorry. Although you know I was talking to you, I did not use your intake name, at least I dont think I did, until now.......when I am trying to calm down

     I feel very strongly about idocs as you can tell in all idoc posts, and the game style, I have enjoyed it for many years. And am very sad that it is not managed at all

    It would appear there is not point talking or debating IDOCS as all thread just get locked

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    Y'all heard it. NOT PRODUCTIVE! Didn't even try to find a made up rule violation this time. ibtl
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
  • IBTL

    I believe this thread has run it's course.
  • hmmmmmmm....... ;)

    A little less ego-thinking, know-it-all and rumbling compared to others who aren't so "great" and the UO-life would be a whole corner easier

    (Ein bisschen weniger Ego-Denken, Besserwisserei und Rumprollerei anderen gegenüber die halt nicht so "toll sind" und das UO-Leben wäre ne ganze Ecke einfacher)

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    I believe this thread has run it's course.
    I woulda locked it before I posted on it.  The Mods need to get rid of the nonsence and developer hating that goes on here.
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