July event Schedule!

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Hello Sonoma!

The Event schedule for July is as follows:

July 14th: Governors Meeting @ 7PM PST
July 24th: The Dragons Bite Part 1 @ 7PM PST
July 26th: White Net Toss event @ 7PM PST
July 28th: The Dragons Bite Part 2 @ 7PM PST

Update: The events for the 21st and 28th have been named. The event on the 21st has been rescheduled to teh 24th due to a family situation. I do apologize for the rescheduling but it had to be done.


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    July 14th: Governors Meeting @ 7PM PST. Quick question I was under the impression that the meeting was to be at 7pm CDT?
    Note: In the end it was decided that the Council meetings would take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month 8pm EST, 5pm PST.
    From the notes of the Council meeting last month.
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    yes Drakelord it was but it was a mistake on my part. I apologize for the mix up. I was so use to the old time schedule that I goofed. It wont happen again.
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    EM Xanthus:


    Tonights event will be a continuation of things to do with the Dragon Claw.

    Last we met they threatened to assassinate our governors
    and in fact attempted this during one of our meetings.

    As of late, there are reports they may be infiltrating our cities.

    One such report says they have met some strange acting characters in Moonglow.

    it seems the Dragon Claw may be trying to take over the city.

    one of the reports is the bank there."

    "during the fighting he seemed to escape.

    we should check the next area
    but we should tread carefully he may have warned the others
    or the sound of fighting may have spooked them as well."

    "it seems another suspicious character slipped away during the fight.

    these are slippery fellas.

    lets check the other location"

    "well done all.

    Seems we have cleared out the suspicious and their attackers.

    I am more than ever eager to know what these Dragon Claw have planned.

    I will need to investigate further and get back to you all on this.

    Figure out who is behind tonights attacks."
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    Very nice Cindy!  

    On a side note I will say there is a lacking of role play of the EM, to show up robed and not in character much like when he takes on the role of the King during our Monthly meetings..  Had it been the old days where we had the Seers I would be happy, but today?  Lacks imagination. 

    I will be at the next (Sunday) event on the 28th.

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