Minoc Market on the Square and Archery Contest

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Hello Catskills another Minoc Market on the Square and Archery contest will be held on Friday June 28th at 6:30 PM EST to 8:30 PM  EST.  Bring your Archers to get your chance at 10 Million Gold.  Also Bring your merchants to sell your wares. 

Archery Contest Rules this month will be.  

Dress like a Pirate Archery with Store bought bows.  

5 shots and highest score moves on to next round.  in Case of an uneven number of attendees  (which I didn't plan for last month)  The highest scoring eliminated player will shoot again to advance. .  

Prizes are as follows
10 Million for 1st Place
5 Million for 2nd place
2.5 Million for 3rd place

Bonus:  1 million for anyone who scores more then 310 points. 

Nyre Lars

Governor of Minoc.  


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    Due to lack of participation this week this event will be rescheduled to Friday July 5th at 8 PM EST
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    Correction the new date for this event will be Friday July 12th at 8pm EST  due to the holiday weekend.
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