treasure loot and location

there has been a couple things ive been hoping for.

first one is the tokuno artifacts.  it would be really great if we could work those into the game again.  ust like the other minor arties are in the tramel and felucia facets.  it would be very cool if the minor artifacts were added in for exampple
tramel / feluca ---------- minor dungeon arties
Ilshinar ------------------- paragon arties
malas --------------------- dont know if they have minors but would be cool to see
ter mir -------------------- gargoyle minor artifacts
T2A ----------------------- maybe put the peerless arties here
tokuno ------------------- treasures of tokino minors
eodon -------------------- eodon arties.

as for the lotion part of this back in the days before poor Haven went kaa boom
there were treasure maps for new chars.  what was cool about these treasure maps is if you were digging in the wrong location it told you. basically a game of hot and cold.  it would be really nice to have that added to all the treasure maps.  i know there isnt many out there that still do the look at the treasure map and use the radar map to find the maps.  though ive gotten a tmap table so that narrows things down allot which means all i have to do is bring along a sextant and use the corendents  that i got from the table to get to the location..  but not every one has one of those tables and this addition or should say importing that feature into all the treasure maps.  Now the young player maps were really specific and would narrow your search down right to the chest very fast.
I dont want to take the hunt out of the treasure hunt so im thinking that the system would say things like 'you dig for the tresure and find nothing. after looking at the map you think that you need to try further south'  then when you are really close it stops helping you and only says 'you dig but find nothing but you are sure the treasure has to be close.  and on that very note this would be a super great thing for the iron beetle.  make them useful for something other then changing color when you are near ore of different types.  you could add them to this and then use the same feature as the young maps but instead of saying you think it must be a bit more to the north and instead say 'you dig but fail to find any treasure,  however your iron beetle seems overly interested is something towards the north you may want to check in that direction instead.


  • WhesslesWhessles Posts: 49
    I have a Davies, but I use EC and nearly never need it. I might use it in 1 of 10 maps. EC has really made mapping by sight very easy to do. 

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