Orc Ship 100 % but yet still scuttled?

Sinder_ShaydeSinder_Shayde Posts: 43
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My orc ship became scuttled during battle. Did emergency repairs, made it to land and completed permanent repairs. Repaired all my cannons but yet my ship remains in scuttled condition and I can not sail and I am now stuck at the beach!

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  • KhyroKhyro Posts: 226
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    This happened to me on TC once, but I could not reproduce it. The way I fixed it was to apply emergency repairs again and try to find another ship. I got near the ship and engaged in combat with it and my ship refreshed to 100% as it should have been. It may be enough to just try firing a cannon, I am not sure.
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  • Sinder_ShaydeSinder_Shayde Posts: 43
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    I did what you said Khyro and It worked! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hopefully they fix this "bug"

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