Three Biggest Flaws Of These Forums: No Like, No Bump & Edit Limitations

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Title says it all...

1) You need to add a "Like" button
2) You have to allow bumping, especially in the trade forums
3) You have to allow editing of threads or try to increase the 1 hour limit

Also, dev's and EM's need to comment more often if not this will turn into another dead forum when compared to the alternative. @Kyronix is doing a decent job on that so far, EM's also had nice intro's in their respective forums


  • 100% agree on all of that.

    The combination of no bumping and not being able to edit threads after an hour severely cripples the trade forums. People will just re-post the same thread every day or two since they can't bump their original thread, and good luck running an auction when you can't update the original post with the current bids due to the timer.
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  • OlchOlch Posts: 36
    Can definitely get behind bumping and editing threads. Likes, on the other hand... as long as there is not a running e-peen like count I'd be ok with it.
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,179
    I also agree with the bumping and editing especially for trades....honestly we don't need a like button...just reply or don't but it's not necessary...and I would prefer the Dev's NOT post more and instead focus most of their time and energy working on the game :)

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  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 492
    We definitely needed another topic on the like button issue a lot of us don't want.
  •  Feigr said:
    We definitely needed another topic on the like button issue a lot of us don't want.

    Well... if there were a like button, they could have all just liked my original thread about it instead of making lots of other threads about it.

    Just saying....

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  • OutcastOutcast Posts: 7
    I disagree with the like button. Turns the entire forum into a popularity contest and encourages hive-mind like behavior. If I wanted that, i'd go on reddit.
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