Does anyone remember or know where I can find the story of the player that had a nightmare removed by a GM back in the day because they thought that it was a duped item or something along those lines?  As I recall it was one of the famous stories back in the day but I have failed to find any reference to it.  Been reflecting on the "old days" as of late.


  • QuintusQuintus Posts: 16
    I remember something like this but it had to do with black dye tubs. The original rare was to have black items. Someone got their hands on one somehow and I believe it was removed but later, given out as rewards. Could be mistaken though.

    I go back to 1997. Played off and on since then. So I remember such stories and have others to share if you want lol. I got back into UO in 2010 after a few years break and continue to play today.
  • The stories would be great. I am putting together sort of a history museum in one of my houses on Pacific. The first tribute is already in the works in honor of the great ImaNewbie
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