The "LA Informer" Newspaper

Hi everyone!

Even though there are new blossoming ways to get out information and news on our shard, our Reporter, Tamais, and I have re-launched the old shard newspaper, "The LA Informer"!  We want to have a way to bring articles and news items into the shard itself and make it easy to find and keep around!

If you have any news or articles you'd like to submit, I have a newspaper vendor for free copies, and a mailbox for submissions, at my "Veritas Inn & Bar."   The Inn is the second house East and South of the East Gate of Luna.  Its easy to find and always open to the public!  There are also meeting rooms, banquet rooms, music, all crafting tools for needy shard citizens, and event space there for our future plans of events on LA!

I look forward to hearing from you!  Look for the newspaper distributions every week on Sundays!

-- El of LA


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    hmm.... problem with forum postings here guys!  I got an error message on posting, corrected the issue and when I came out there were THREE discussions posted rather than one!  I apologize - the spam is totally  UNINTENDED and not really my fault!!!!  - El
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    lol hmmm

  • LumenarLumenar Posts: 1
    Thanks for doing this. 
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