Problem connecting to servers

RinerRiner Posts: 307
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My internet provider recently installed fiber cables and when they first did the hook up everything worked fine. After a couple of weeks, they got knocked out due to a storm and lost all of their antennas. They reset everything up and the normal internet works fine, however, I can not log into Ultima Online using their service. I can log on with a hotspot over my phone, but I want to be able to, not switch networks to play the game. Since I can get to through their connection I suspect that it is a question of having the right ports open on their server. They had me try forwarding 2593 to my computer believing it was the correct one but that did not work. I did find one listing of ports on a web site: TCP: 5001-5010, 7775-7777, 7875, 8800-8900, 9999. I am not sure if this is correct or not. I am hoping someone can tell me what ports Ultima Online actually needs to have open to work? Or is there something else they can check on the network that might be blocking my connection to the log in server?
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