New Magincia Trammel - Council

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Looking for the house owners in New Magincia Trammel, so we can invite you to join the city council... and tell me what to do!

Kind regards,
* Governor of New Magincia *


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    Dear councilmembers, due to game mechanics, we need to add the city titles again.
    Thank you!
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    Sent to all citizens (let's hope everyone can read)

    * a purple raven bursts into sentences with purple words * ...

    "Dear Citizens... I've shared with our King our perspective... we're fatherless.
    Like teenagers forced to grow much faster than they should, we've emancipated into this new status.
    Currently, we feel like our King does not have custody or control over our island anymore.
    I've asked our King to fix this by visiting, caring and learning what it means to be a citizen of New Magincia.
    Best possible outcome... we get to see the King among the sheep." ...

    * a peaceful sheep forms from the purple words and fades away *
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    Sent to all governors! ...

    * a purple raven bursts into sentences with purple words * ...

    "Dear friends.
    While visiting my old partners, the United Pirates and their archery tournament (partners because we fought the Banites together and our Regiment was charged with the duty of delivering Dawn's Royal Pardon to the crew)... I was surprised.
    My task was to request a copy of that Pardon. Until I noticed a familiar face in the crowd, Ansen. There were also some members of "la familia" drinking quietly at the bar. Probably keeping him safe. I introduced myself and, instead of starting a fight that would end in blood, chaos and losing old friends, I offered a drink. We had a very interesting chat. From why he was greedy and banned from the Realm, to a sliver of pain while discussing the theme of past family and finally to the big, big, big plans of Moreno and something special that was going to hit the cities. Ansen also shared that Moreno knows way too much about the citizens, the cities, the lore and what is going on in King Blackthorn's Court... suggesting there are spies in high places.
    After some hours of debate, Ansen left the tavern and there were no "familia" members left, they all vanished in the blink of an eye!
    This time the only sting I felt was from the pirate's whiskey and not from a dagger between my ribs... not a bad outcome.
    Back to the archery tournament, Blind Tom holds the best tournaments... and Adrian wins most of them! I spent the remaining of the evening in a drinking competition with Blind Tom, I believe I've lost... it all got foggy after the fifth bottle." ...

    * a peaceful sheep forms from the purple words and fades away *
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