"Herding (UO EM Rares) Cats" - WTB/WTT some Feline EM Rares...

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Hi all!

I'm searching for the below listed pieces for my collection of feline-themed EM Rares... 

Please PM me here with offers, or contact me on ICQ: SteelRust

I have a couple of "spare cats" (OUCH! :# ) to trade, if anyone could be interested:

A Kitten Raised By Grizelda The Witch
Formosa Halloween Pumpkin 2020

And, yes, I REALLY would like to have some of the Unique Mesanna Cat-Themed Items from her "visit" to Catskill, but, unfortunately, I have only two kidneys to sell...  :'( :D  



Elegant Pure Silver Trilkhai Sculpture
Hi Kitty Statue
Rescued Trilkhun Kitten From The Ruins Of Killorn Keep
The Witch's Errand Cat From Izumo
The Witch's Errand Cat From Sakura
Cats House
A Mummified Cat
An Old, Worn Mouse Toy Lost By Dom The Cat But Recovered In His Quest To Save Christmas
Kittens Lost Mittens
The Demonic Hairball Of Dom The Cat Pulsing With Dark Magic And The Scent Of Catnip
Tiger's Claw Of The Nian


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