New Magincia: New Town Buff

PitrPitr Posts: 168
Please visit GoodWill (New Magincia, use SE teleporter to get to the top floor) and pick the town buff... Friday before Anne's Hunt, we'll activate the new buff.
- vote yes, in each ballot box that has a buff that you consider the right one for New Magincia.
If you wish to join another town to keep the FC1... we'll help you get loyalty in one of the towns with FC1 and also help you get to respectable with another toon... so you can still be a New Magincia citizen, a councilmember and a Voice!
Thank you!


  • PitrPitr Posts: 168
    New Magincia has decided...

    Thank you for your votes... and for your input.
    New Trade Deal: Guild of Healers +5% bandage healing.
    I believe it will be some days until we can change the trade deal.
    Thank you again for deciding and picking a direction for New Magincia!

    (you can also vote at the ballot box at the city stone, if you wish to change this)
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