Green and gray goblin statuettes sold by the Ultima store.

Do either of the statuettes provide you with any special skills or other benefits that will help you in game when you change into a goblin?  Thinking about buying one but can’t find any information on what benefit I would get from becoming a goblin.  Thanks.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Cosmetic only, functions like the quest reward fishing pole and ring
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,177
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    Yes you have the no sitting and no mounting abilities that are features on all costumes. 
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  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    According to the goblins I know, they also make you look and smell better - although I believe that is a lie.
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    Mariah said:
    Cosmetic only, functions like the quest reward fishing pole and ring

    "this is ofcourse incorrect, like with polymorphing into an ogre you deal increased damage to players wielding undead slayers, the damage bonus used to be significant, however is now minor ever since super slayers now deal less than single slayers"-+-
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,333
    Thanks for the info.
  • Schuyler_BainSchuyler_Bain Posts: 25
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    I apologize that this is almost a year old, but I noticed that while the descriptions say green goblin and gray goblin both seem to transform you into a green goblin, perhaps one is more blue? Unlike the fishing pole and ring which match their description. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    hmm Maybe it is an EC issue? I use CC have many of both and the grey statue is definitely a grey goblin.
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