WTB - "Of the Undead Kin" Items - on EUROPA

Mainly interested in BONE & PLATE Armor Sets, but to any other items "of the Undead Kin" too.



  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 1,135

    Mainly interested in some BONE & PLATE Armor Sets Pieces (BONE: Chest & Helm; PLATE: Chest & Arms) and a War Fork, but to some other otUK Items I lack too.

    I have some pieces to trade (I'll list them ASAP).

    Please PM me with offers, TIA! :)

    NB: "Offers" of the like "full Plate/Bone otUK are going at 7 Plats" doesn't need to apply, thanks for avoinding wasting your & my time! :)


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