Triton and his Bushido being more self-debuff than a skill

I trained triton with Bushido (feint +  real Bushido). Pet was opened on Tokuno specially for this. 
Since pet cannot (or dont want) to honor opponents- there is no damage increase. Whirlwind is not used  against monster groups widely. 
Honorable execution is useless -  never used against smal mobs. But widely against big ones. Giving me real trouble at Cora for example. 
Also when fighting one mob (with no other targets around) pet is using momentum strike striking mob and  ME (luckily with no damage , but I get the message) thus using mana instead of spending it on  any other skill. 
Evasion works sometimes but pet never turned it on when Slasher starts hurling rocks. 

Now I understand that I wasted a really good 128 wrestling triton. Dont repeat my mistakes.


  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,238
    What is the bushido level at? I have a 120 bushido Hiryu where honorable execution actually works well when the level hit over 115. 

    But you are correct in that it seems pet AI is a random grab bag of whatever spell rolls. 
  • GwenGwen Posts: 210
    My Bushido is still 113. I don't want to waste 120 bushido scroll for such a useless skill. 
    Damage is so pitifull now and those honorable resist drops really make me angry. 
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