Stealth Change To Imbuinig?

Estel_RandirEstel_Randir Posts: 189
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I have always made my blank jewelry for imbuing out of colored ore. I only use valorite. I have done this dozens of times over the years without any issue. In fact, the last time I imbued blank valorite jewelry was during the last town invasion earlier this year (I think that was old blank jewelry that I made years ago). Apparently something has changed. 20 min ago, I made brand new blank exceptional valorite jewelry. When I try to imbue it, I get the message that "the special materials in this item are too old to survive the imbuing process". After some testing:
a) Old valorite jewelry that has already been imbued seems to be ok to reimbue.
b) Old blank valorite jewelry (normal & exceptional) seems to be ok to imbue.
c) New blank valorite jewelry (normal or exceptional) gives me the warning.
d) New blank iron jewelry from iron does not give me a warning.

This is an old bug that has *apparently* been re-introduced regarding imbuing items with special materials. We fought this battle 2x many, many years ago & it was fixed. I also noticed sometime between now and the last town invasion, there was a dropped item that should have been able to be imbued gave me a *special material* warning even though it was not. I do not remember the item now. There is no telling how many items this affects.


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