MOB statues left on screen in EC.

zimazima Posts: 55
Everytime I hunt in EC, I get these statues of Mobs. The client sees them as targets, so it will target them. The more people I hunt with, the more statues I get, and faster. They seriously impede my game play and force me to shut down the client every 30 minutes at longest. I know several players who stopped using EC because of this issue, which has persisted for over a decade. 

After one spawn lasting 12 minutes at Fel Destard, with 4 friends, I had 12 MOB statues stuck o screen. 


  • this bug is commonly referred to as "ghost spawn" and has been reported time and time again over the recent years. It has yet to be fixed.Much like the EC's inability to place fields on the east bridge at the rat spawn in despise by targeting the ground. I wish the devs would just sit down and kill bugs for an entire year. I would take that over new content any day!
  • zimazima Posts: 55
    It's odd that their strategy for getting new players is the seasonal shard, yet, they do not focus on KEEPING them with a functional client.
  • TimTim Posts: 800
    I remember a post from years ago saying the problem is in the way EC handles the graphics buffer. A hold over from sloooow internet speeds and couldn't be fixed with out a major rewrite of the client's graphic engine. 

    That being said god yes please fix but I'm not holding my breath.
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