Fall changes (Haloween) and information?

Where do I go to find UP TO DATE for 2020 information on what changes came into the game for October 2020? 


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    Week of September 29 - The next exciting phase of the Black Gate is coming to all shards!  Sharpen your blades, ready your spells, and feed your pets as we prepare for this CHAMPION SPAWN!

    October 1, 2020 - Halloween season is here!  Pumpkin patches, Butchers, Trick or Treating all go live!

    October 5, 2020 - Dev M&G on Formosa @ 10 AM ET

    October 5 - 9, 2020 - Treasures of Deceit goes live!  Venture deep inside the treacherous dungeon Deceit to slay creatures and collect artifacts for turnin to claim treasures!

    October 19, 2020 - Dev M&G on Chesapeake @ 7 PM ET
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    Thank you. I guess the Dev's are too busy devoting their resources to giving us a shard ( that I don't want and won't play ) to devise any new goodies. Yay focus groups?
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