What am I doing wrong? Confused

So been back for last month plus. Have't played since 3rd Dawn so lots of new learning going on. Recently started a Gargoyle Inscriptionist/Imbuer and am having no success in trying to unravel items. I bought and have 40 Imbueing skill yet when I stand next to the soulforge it says "Your Imbueing skill is not high enough to unravel this item". I have tried numerous different items with the same result. I tried away from the soulforge and get the "you need to be at a soulforge" notice so all that is right. Second issue is I have the spell components to write Mysticism spells but keep the message "you do not have the required components" no matter which scrolls I try to write. My skill is at 62 and the last scroll requirement is only 17.8 and have a 100% chance to write it. It also shows I need "Stygian Abyss" since this character is a Gargoyle, I have imbueing and mysticism skills and am currently standing in the Royal City next to the Soulforge" I thought that meant I have the expansion. I sold all my spell components and scrolls and repurchased from the Royal City mages, so not a pre-patch components issue. Yes I am a full paying player, actually on my old account even on Napa Valley. Any suggestions would be helpful. No one else appears to be on the shard when I am, so no one to ask about things.
I also posted this in skills and stats but no responses.


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    At 40 imbuing you can only unravel low level magical items such as those that are minor.
    For the inscription failure do you have a Mysticism spell book that has the necessary spells on you or in your backpack?
  • OK everything is working now. After posting this a full file scan was done and a patch, now both work but wow even super low level items are above my unraveling skills . thanks for the heads up all
  •  Hello and welcome back to Napa. :)

    I am sorry you have been having issues with the game and finding others on the game. I found that when I did my imbuer, I had to imbue everything I came to and it helped to have help from others. If you have a fisherman, save all the junk from your sos's and if you have a treasure hunter the stuff from your chests to unravel. I have one that can do both sos/maps if you want the stuff, you are welcome to the items to unravel, just message me and I will give you the items. ;)

    Her name is Mystic Sparkles and you can usually find me on Sparkles. Good luck with your adventures!
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