What am I doing wrong? Confused

So been back for last month plus. Have't played since 3rd Dawn so lots of new learning going on. Recently started a Gargoyle Inscriptionist/Imbuer and am having no success in trying to unravel items. I bought and have 40 Imbueing skill yet when I stand next to the soulforge it says "Your Imbueing skill is not high enough to unravel this item". I have tried numerous different items with the same result. I tried away from the soulforge and get the "you need to be at a soulforge" notice so all that is right. Second issue is I have the spell components to write Mysticism spells but keep the message "you do not have the required components" no matter which scrolls I try to write. My skill is at 62 and the last scroll requirement is only 17.8 and have a 100% chance to write it. It also shows I need "Stygian Abyss" since this character is a Gargoyle, I have imbueing and mysticism skills and am currently standing in the Royal City next to the Soulforge" I thought that meant I have the expansion. I sold all my spell components and scrolls and repurchased from the Royal City mages, so not a pre-patch components issue. Yes I am a full paying player, actually on my old account even on Napa Valley. Any suggestions would be helpful. No one else appears to be on the shard when I am, so no one to ask about things.


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    First, all accounts were upgraded to full Stygian Abyss some time ago, so yes, you have Stygian Abyss.

    Next, unraveling can be a bit odd. If the item you're trying to unravel would produce Enchanted Essence, then you won't be able to unravel it until 45 skill. Even if the item is a minor magic item, if it has a property that would produce Enchanted Essence when unraveled, you'll need 45 skill.

    Here are a couple of pages for unraveling help:

    I have been told that Item Id skill can help in determining what something will unravel to, but haven't checked it myself.

    For Inscription, all this is just from memory so possibly incorrect, but you'll need both the Inscription skill at the appropriate level and the skill for the spell school you are trying to inscribe at the appropriate level, in this case Mysticism. It sounds like you have both.

    The components should(?) be a Scribe's Pen, blank scrolls, the appropriate reagents, and a Mysticism spellbook with the spell you're trying to write. You cannot write a spell unless you already have it in your book. Depending on the Mysticism Skill the reagents might include Demon Bone, which I don't believe you can purchase(?), but have to loot from monsters.

    Sounds to me like you're either missing the spell you're trying to write from your Mysticism book, or you don't have Demon Bone. Just a guess on my part though.

    Welcome back to UO and Good Luck!

  • Thanks, I have the bone reagent from the Mystic so not sure. Will try gathering more stuff and start it over. Will have to experiment more with crappier items for the unravel issue. Again thank you
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    Get used to it.  I got the same result when I tried.  Based on what I have read 45 is the magic number.  You might try imbuing hats.  Based on what I have read that will raise you skill to 45 faster than unraveling will. I decided to go back to treasure hunting.
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    Damon bone can be obtained from skinning toxic sloths you slay in Tel Mur or from killing void creatures in Tel Mur.  Both creatures yield reagents your mystic needs.  I just do not remember for sure which one provides bone.
  • OK everything is working now. After posting this a full file scan was done and a patch, now both work but wow even super low level items are above my unraveling skills . thanks for the heads up all
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    Not sure what your Mysticiism level is but if you are working on it and in Tel Mur most of the time recommend you find Percolem the hunter and do his toxic sloth quest over and over.  You have to work up to it doing some easier quests he requests first.  He give very good rewards by UO standards and he might give you loyalty points so you can use the queens forge.  Also, the sliths, if you kill enough of them will give you pottery and scroll fragments so you can do the Tel Mur Museum quests.  Axem gives out good rewards and you will get more loyalty points.  Also, you will get all the armor, rings and weapons your gargoyle will ever néed from the sliths, and if you skin them a hard to find reagent mystics need.  You will find the sliths in the plains to the east of the royal city.  A reptile slayer helps a lot but is not required to do this quest.  Sliths move fairly fast so it helps to be mounted if you are not using your RC spell.
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    Sorry toxic slith quest there is no toxic sloth quest.
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    One last thing if you go after the sliths be prepared to cure poison.  If one bites and poisons you,  it will not be long before you are looking for a healer if you are not prepared.
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