In Search of Dragons

Years trying to settle into the Icey island I call home was a constant battle trying to maintain a home for Dragons whom relied on warmth and heat, abandoning the castle to Jaden seemed the best option at the moment, now searching for the missing Dragons would be my goal, Verity Island was generally where they retreated from the cold but walking these streets now was like walking in a ghost town, I hadn’t heard anything of the new Governor, perhaps my Dragons ate him, none the less not even the citizens were about.

Making my way towards the docks I felt certain some sort of rumor or gossip could be heard there, after all fishermen and sailors always had a tale to tell.

Reaching the docks a scurvy older man was tossing ropes back upon the ship he was obviously from. Slipping up behind him I startled him as he turned his hand had volleyed up to catch something, looking to his hand his fingers opened to reveal the catch, as I glanced to the open hand there centered in his palm was a glass eye. Batting my eyes as I gazed at it for what seemed a bit, I knew I’d have to look up as doing so I was looking into his one solo eye, squirming a tad bit my gaze immediately went to the eyeless hole in his face, as my stomach turned I quickly looked away towards the ship, trying to not be rude an stare at his face. “So.... where he headed “ I awkwardly tried to turn the moment from what had just transpired. Grumbling the sailor fidgeted a moment ( I assume as he plopped the glass marble back into his face) . “ So I was wondering have ye seen any Dragons flying out over the seas?” Smiling at him waiting for his answer. “ yar perhaps so, but knowledge of such things must be worth a coin or two eh?” As the one eyed man curled one side of his face into what seemed to be a smirky grin. Rolling my eyes I could only think, why did I have to bump into a snarky old sailor , why couldn’t it been a fine looking younger man.....reaching into my pack fiddling around I withdrew my hand and opened it to reveal a few shiny gold pieces showing it to the dirty old man all I heard from him was, “ ye best be getting to the bank cause you be needin more gold th’n that” . Oh lord this old coot was going to be like this eh. Frowning I stood there staring at him “ go on get, ain’t gunna find out wha direction them Dragons be headed standing r”ght there .... now get on now scoot” as the crusty old coot smirked after he said it. Huffing off I knew being mad was going to get me nowhere so might as well just go grab enough gold for a trip while I’m there.

Returning to the docks with a purse full of gold the discussion quickly evolves and I find out the Dragons had been seen over the seas near Nu’jelum heading towards the mainland. But what I also learned was the dragons had been used in some battle against an army of Britainians in Nu”Jhelum Making necessary arrangements I board the old coots ship and begin the journey in search of the Dragons........


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